Rawhide Lamp Shades - Our Specialty

Rawhide Lamp Shades padGenuine rawhide lamp shades are what we began with and still remains our specialty today.

We have introduced many new shades to the marketplace and continue to lead the field with outstanding quality and customer care in genuine hand stitched rawhide lampshades.

Rawhide lamp shades are affordable, high quality lampshades crafted with genuine rawhide and hand stitched lacing to create a rustic chic style for southwestern lamps or western lighting. Lamp shades made of rawhide are also perfect decoration or replacement lamp shades for western lamps, antler lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers.

From small clip on, mini lamp shades for chandelier lamp shades and candelabras to large table and floor lamp shades, there is a size for every style. For western furniture and decor you will want to see our naturally dark, western rawhide lamp shades.

For country style, don't miss our colorful dyed rawhide country lamp shades in red, green and brown hide for that perfect southwest or country feel.

Rawhide lamp shades are a must for log home lighting, cabins or cottage as well as ranch, lodge lighting and any country or primitive decor, the most popular being bleached southwest style rawhide lamp shades.

Rawhide shades will add a rich warm glow to your favorite room that will draw family and friends to enjoy its comfortable atmosphere.

We also offer soft pig skin leather lamp shades, in nine designer shade colors, natural, wine, green, red, gold, brown and black that can handle high wattage applications and never need conditioning.

Painted leather lamp shades are a big hit with everyone with their hand painted cowboy art, Indian designs and wilderness landscape scenes.

Select any rawhide or leather lamp shade for rustic lamps, desk lamps or bedside lamps as well as wrought iron western lamps and modern table lamps. You can also convert the look of your contemporary lamps with rawhide shades for your rustic home lighting project.

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